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2 x ACENTIX RFID/NFC Black Signal Blocking Cards Protector Guard For Credit / Debit Card

RFID Protection

【 How It Works?】To prevent your credit/debit card information being swiped by criminals, the ACENTIX RFID Blocking Card is drawing power from the scanner, and emitting a counter-signal to jam the signal propagation.

【Easy To Use】- Just slip this card into your wallet, no battery required or no sleeves. The card contains a secure chip, which offers RFID protection and peace of mind.

【 Small & Compact 】The RFID card is made from high grade ultra-lightweight durable material, water & tear resistant. only 1.2mm thick fits easily slip into your wallet or purse's card slot without taking up extra space.

【 Secure Privacy 】With advanced RFID blocking technology,RFID cards provide ultimate protection for your credit card, ATM cards, passport and driver's license. No need to worry about electronic fraud and theft anymore.

【 100% Money Back GUARANTEE 】With a Success rate of many Satisfied Customers, we are confident you will love our product that we offer 1 Year Warranty, 3-month money back guarantee for returned products. We are a UK based company with UK Customer Services for your peace of mind, we pride ourselves on Excellent Customer Service.


2 x ACENTIX RFID/NFC CARDS: Protect your credit cards from unauthorised access

Why Do You Need RFID & NFC Blocking Cards? 

A BBC report recently showed how thieves can walk through a shopping centre and gather contactless credit card details from over 50 cards .
In less than 20 minutes simply by walking up close to people with a scanner. Credit & Debit Card fraud has risen over 31% due to wireless theft in recently years. 
Protect your money, privacy and information safe: ACENTIX RFID/NFC Signal Blocking Cards. 

How does the ACENTIX RFID Card Work?

The ACENTIX RFID Card has a built-in electromagnetically opaque shield to block signals from high-tech pickpockets & unauthorized electronic scanning devices.

How to Test It Works?

When you are going to pay in supermarket, stack this card on top (or bottom) of your payment card and place on the contactless reader.
If the contactless reader could not sense your payment card,it proves the RFID CARD is working.

What Cards/Devices Does The Card Guard Block?

Credit Cards/Debit Cards
ID Cards
Mobile Phone NFC
Entry Cards/Key Cards
Mobile Phone NFC
Key Cards/Entry Cards

Packaging Details 

2 x RFID/NFC Blocking Cards


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